Pomegranate Incense

©tammi hartley

Pomegranate dances through the air
Thoughts rise and flow into the universe
Like the incense burning by my bed.
My eyes slowly close,
Rushing in — here they come,
Thoughts, memories — kind words once said.

Lifetimes of hurt lay in ruins
When little eyes of blue sky sparkle.
Chubby cheeks become full and big
Her pouty lips crack into laughter
Rolling into my heart and soul
Who knew I had this love to give.

Young love between two children
Maturing as we’re forced to age
Good times, bad times — all the same
He has my heart under lock and key.
Drives them crazy — makes us laugh,
Why won’t I take his name?

Loved ones have to fly away
To go back home, to follow their path
Not here and not forgotten
Like charms on a velvet ribbon
Memories dangle in my mind
Never to escape the web they are caught in.

Pomegranate still dances all around me
Earth, air, fire, water and spirit
The elements of my being
My Lady, My Lord — my glorious creators
Bring me these visions and warm my soul.
Never let me forget the things I am seeing.


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