My Pretty Little Dead Fairy

©tammi hartley

A walk in the woods I took by myself.
On the old decayed path I stayed.
Until I found the stream that winds
Through these parts and I fell down
Into my secret place.

I nestle down in the dirt to get cozy,
And to say “hello” to the flowers.
They greet me with fragrances that
Dance on the breeze. Then, my sweet
Fairy friend catches my eye.

Pretty little fairy, why do you not fly?
You lie there, limp with fragile wings
Of glitter fractured and torn.
The flower you own is now forever
Stained with your innocent fairy blood.

Her dewy pink skin is now purple
And blue. Slashed ― I see the
Strawberry underneath.
Pretty little fairy, what
Happened to you?

I scoop up my friend and I kiss
Her good bye. Her sparkling
Beauty stolen too soon. In the
Warm, damp soil, I dig
Her new home.

I bury her there and and the fresh
Grave receives a shower of my tears.
I come to my feet and I walk back
The decayed path. My pretty
Little fairy, forget you, I won’t.


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