About tammi hartley

tammi hartleyBorn in Kansas City, Missouri during the winter of 1981, Tammi always had a passion for the arts and literature. By the age of eight she was exploring different types of creative outlets, and at ten she had found a love for poetry. Having been published by the age of 15, she continued to write for a few more years. Fueled by a dark childhood and the rage of teenage angst, at this young age Tammi wrote some of, what is arguably, her greatest work.

Tammi went on to pursue the visual arts and left poetry behind for the time being. She received an Associate of Science in Computer Graphics (2002) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (2004) from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa, Florida. In May of 2003, Tammi began her career as a graphic designer at ColorAmerica, Inc in Largo, Florida. A unique marketing and advertising firm where she continues to create fresh, exciting brands and designs for clients.

She now lives in Saint Petersburg, Florida with her husband, toddler daughter and two dogs. Always looking for a way to express her creative thoughts and ideas, Tammi has returned to her old love. It is sincerely hoped that you enjoy the collection of poetry on this website.


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