Monthly Archives: December 2010

Let Me Take You to the Moon

Let me take you to the moon, love.
I’ll spread my wings —
You hold tight to me.
We’ll fly to the moon —
Kiss everyone good-bye.
We’ll lay there on the moon —
Alone we’ll be forever, love.
Shall you grow bored —
We’ll fly through the stars.
You hold tight to me —
My wings will take us.
Maybe I’ll fly us to Mars —
Just you and I.
Maybe I’ll fly us to Venus —
Just you and I.
When you tire —
We’ll fly through the stars,
Back home to the moon —
Where alone we’ll be forever, love.




Sitting here with thoughts of you,
Alone and crying – turning blue.
Feeling trapped in my own errors.
Feeling trapped in this old coffin.

I feel as though I need you here.
I feel as though I’m dying dear.
Come from the sky with arms wide open,
Wrap me up – carry me away.

You are lost out in the world,
And all I want is to be your girl.
A feeling never ending – never fulfilling,
A feeling never ending and never mine to hold.

 I cannot feel this too much longer.
I cannot feel this — too much somber.
Come from nowhere to light my darkness.
I beg, I pray, please rescue me.